About The Site

Hi. I’m Mike and this site is for all the guys who may be either looking to add a few extra minutes to there lasting time in bed or for these effected by severe premature ejaculation and looking to deal with it and put it behind you for good. It can be confusing for a guy when you start to realize there is a problem with your lasting time.  When searching online it seems as though everyone is trying to make a buck from your problem by giving you false information in order to sell you what ever it is your selling.

So if you just want the facts on premature ejaculation without all the hype why not take some time to read through the articles and tips on the site. If you’re new here you should check out this definition and summary of premature ejaculation, then head over to this list of common premature ejaculation causes. I would also recommend checking out the rundown on possible premature ejaculation treatments and then why not finish with a few natural ways to stop premature ejaculation that you can put into action tonight.

I hope you can get some benefit. If you would like some help on preventing PE or have some question please feel free to get in touch with me any time.





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